Social Media & Website

All social media and website postings for each campus will be posted by the Campus Tech leader. This person is responsible for updating each campus website and social media accounts. The expectation is for one post from each grade level per week. Email all social media posts directly to your Campus Tech Leader for posting.

Campus Tech Leaders:

Blue Ridge Elementary: Miranda Garlington-
Blue Ridge Middle: Mary Townsend-
Blue Ridge High: Kenny Williams-

Here are a few tips for composing a quality social media post.

  • Posts should be academic in nature or should promote a campus event. Think about telling the story of your campus
  • Think about including pictures, videos, and links to examples of student work. 
  • All posts must be complete and ready to post before sending to Campus Tech Leaders
  • Limit posts to 280 characters
  • Include #BRISDpride, #LearnGrowExcel, or any campus-specific hashtags in your post
  • Only include 1-2 pictures per post. More than 2 pictures will not post to social media correctly. Try creating a collage if you would like to add multiple pictures.