Professional Learning

2018-2019 Professional Learning Opportunities

Region 10 ESC

Fall 2018 Teaching & Learning Offerings

Please take note that Region 10 is undergoing some exciting renovations, so not all sessions will be held here at the center.  When registering for a workshop, please be sure to pay special attention to the location.  In order to register for a workshop, please follow these directions:

  • Go to Region 10 homepage at
  • Click on Workshop Registration
  • Search session by ID, title or use direct registration link on the linked Google sheet
  • If you have any further questions, and/or need further registration information please contact 972-348-1508. 

Blue Ridge ISD Professional Learning Philosophy

The above image reflects the Professional Learning
Philosophy of Blue Ridge Independent School District.
Step 1 is initial learning, followed
by Guided Learning, and then Teacher Team.  The final
step is Personalized Growth Plan (PGP).