Accessing DMAC

Blue Ridge ISD will be using DMAC as our Data Management System. To access your DMAC account follow these steps:

1. Go to and click on Educators.

2. Once you log into your account select the solution you would like to access.

BRISD currently utilizes the following solutions:

  • State Assessment 
    • This is where you will access STAAR & TELPAS data for your students.
  • Local Assessment
    • This is where you will create 6 weeks formative assessments. TAG is where you can build tests using the DMAC test bank. TEKScore is where you create test keys, rubrics, and viewing student data reports. 
  • Appraisals 
    • This is where all T-Tess forms will be completed. You can also upload all professional development documentation under the T-Tess section. Before you can access your T-Tess information you will need to register your unique TSDS number into your DMAC account. 
  • Tools
    • Utilities- This is where you can update your account information.
    • FormWorks- This is some district forms can be completed. Currently, the only form available is an additional device request. Forms will continue to be added throughout the year.
  • Resources
    • This section includes user manuals for each component of DMAC, updates, and live videos.