Media Center

Media Center Hours

Media Center Guidelines:
  • All jobs MUST come print ready. If a job is not print ready it will be sent back to complete.
  • Send all media center requests to
  • Allow a 3 day turn around on all media center requests. 
  • All laminating will be done every morning.
  • If you have special jobs that can not be sent over from your computer, leave the item on the work table in the Print Job Box with instructions on how many, front/back, stapled, hole punched, etc. 
  • All color printing requests need to be sent to
  • If you need access to the media center after 4:00, you will need to make prior arrangements for it to be kept open. 
  • Copiers can also print up to 11 x 17 on cardstock.

Printing Posters:
  • We have the ability to print custom posters in the media center.
  • All poster requests should be designed and sent in publisher. 
  • The largest size poster that we can print is 24 X 36. 
  • Publisher Support Videos